Bladelius Line


Hear the music for the first time


Gondul, the goddess of Valkyrie was sent to earth to bring back the spirits of famous kings who fell in battle. This new Gondul will lift your spirits with sight and sound never before obtainable. This multi-format disc player and multi-channel pre-amplifier is a no compromise solution to both your audio and video needs. Listen, and you'll literally hear the music for the first time. Look, and you'll see the details you've been missing.

Gondul plays all standard formats; CD/SACD/DVD-Audio/DVD-Video/MP3 etc. Its modular design allows the customer to choose his own plug-in boards. Currently, the following modules are available; 3 DAC Boards providing different levels of performance, analogue input board, and video board. Currently in development are also a DSP board and a two channel ultra high performance board.

The player has a built-in analogue volume control that gives the highest obtainable performance at all levels. A large toroidal transformer is the heart and foundation for a carefully designed power supply. Gondul has 3 digital inputs and 3 digital outputs.

Technical specifications

Level 1

Level 2

Level 3

Analog Input Board

An analogue input board is available. It will turn Gondul into a complete preamplifier with 1 balanced input (XLR) and 3 single ended inputs (RCA).

VEM (Video Enhancement Module)


Download the Bladelius Gondul user manual (PDF, 890 kB).