Bladelius Line

Thor MK-II

Earth rattling power

Thor MK-II
Specifications THOR MK-II
Design Fully balanced
Output 2 x 165W 8Ω
Distortion < 0.01% 20-20KHz
Bandwidth dc-200KHz
Input impedance 20KΩ
Special core transformer 1800VA
  • 2 balanced
  • 5 RCA
  • 1 tape out
  • 1 preamp output
Speaker terminals WBT

This is the new version of the integrated amplifier Thor. Now it has even more of the earth rattling power to transform sound into music and feeling into emotion. Thor Mk.II derives its immense strength from a massive 1800 VA custom designed, toroidal transformer. The noise floor is extraordinary low and Thor Mk.II yields a seemingly endless supply of power for any load.

Thor Mk-II features a fully balanced design that delivers dynamic, detailed and lifelike presentation of music. The single ended input-stage drives 16 high power matched output transistors to provide 165 watts per channel into 8 ohms.

Using a balanced design ensures the lowest noise and distortion achievable. Seven analogue input pairs are provided for use with 2 balanced (XLR) and 5 single-ended (RCA) sources. A pair of pre-amp outputs allows connection to an external power amplifier while using the Thor as a pre-amplifier.


Download the Bladelius Thor MK-II user manual (PDF, 2.5 MB).
Download the Bladelius Thor (first version) user manual (PDF, 370 kB).