Bladelius Line


Fully balanced integrated amplifier

Specifications TYR MK-II
Output 2 x 115W 8Ω
Distortion < 0.01% 20-20KHz
Bandwidth dc-150KHz
Input impedance 20KΩ
Toroidial transformer 650VA
  • 1 balanced
  • 3 unbalanced
  • 1 tape in
  • 1 tape out
  • 1 preamp output
Speaker terminals WBT
Weight 18 kg
Dimensions 440×445×100 mm (W×D×H)

This is the best way to start building a new hi-fi system, especially if you want to enter the world of High end audio without breaking the bank. Designed with a minimum of features, the ability to reproduce music faithfully to the composer's intentions is achieved. The Tyr MK-II gives an unusual freedom of choice in selecting the matching speaker because of its unique power capabilities.


Download the Bladelius Tyr MK-II product sheet (PDF, 505 kB).