Bladelius Line


Digital has never sounded this analog

Specifications USB DAC
Distortion < 0.001% Thd
Noise -126db
Output Level 2.5v @0db

This is the first in a series of small accessory products that we are planning to add to the Bladelius product line. This is not just another new USB DAC. We have put a lot of effort into making the USB DAC as analog in its performance as possible. Therefore we chose to use a digital filter of minimum phase type instead of the more common linear phase type which always gives pre-ringing (see picture 3) We use an alternate version of minimum phase to further improve the performance.

Our goal has been to really include everything that is possible to get the best sound from your computer.

Technical specifications

USB-DAC Software

Web download of the original USB-DAC software.

Download the USB-DAC software

Firmware updates

Latest version: BDG 3-22 (improved digital filter)

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Please note: the update must be done via a windows operating system (Mac is NOT supported as of yet.)