Ask Integrated

The ASK INTEGRATED is our brand new integrated amplifier with streaming capabilities. Designed using all the accumulated experience we made from designing our flagship integrated model ODEN.

Many of the design features of the ASK, apart from its looks were directly inherited from the ODEN. Such as the power amp gain section and the multi stage linear ultra low noise regulation. With its more compact format, truly packed with everything we could come up with, without any compromises in quality, it clearly can be seen as a derivative of the ODEN in terms of sound quality. Albeit with slightly less, but still great amounts of power.

From its 2kva toroidal transformer and massive capacitor bank the amplifier output is 2x220 Watts at 8 ohms and the peak current output is a massive +/-68A. Which makes it capable of handling the most demanding speakers on the market with ease and full control.

From the remote the user can conveniently select to run the unit in heavy Class-A or a more standard Class A/B mode.

With the design philosophy Simpler is better, we reduced the voltage amplifier stage to a singular one for the shortest signal path possible. Just like the ODEN, the ASK provides a truly balanced design without ground as reference for highest possible performance. A high-performance dc-servo that works outside of the signal path, the input stage is run by a pair of current loaded hand matched JFET:s in a foldback cascade arrangement. This renders a very linear performance regardless of the output level. Combined with current feedback technology the ASK will perform extremely fast and stable.

The chassis is made out of machined non-magnetic materials for the lowest possible electromagnetic fields for improved sound quality. The design and layout of all components are made to minimize the impact from vibrations, and like all our products the ASK is a very robust and stable unit with a clean Scandinavian design.


The DAC of the ASK has an outstanding signal to noise ratio of more than 134dB, which is significant and shows how extremely capable this integrated amplifier is together with its streaming capabilities. As a streamer it handles most formats, such as DSD1024 and will stream files up to 32 bit, 728khz. It also carries Tidal connect, Spotify connect, Qobuz and Roon. This is all managed through a new web based app (it can also be controlled through the Tidal app) which means it can be controlled through any device you may desire. This allows for fast and easy updates from our part and is more accessible for the user who can then focus solely on the music.

A custom digital filter is processed in the XMOS 216 chip and it carries several user selectable modes. All to suite the listeners personal preferences.

The DAC is setup in a balanced configuration where all resistors are of 0.1% metal film type and the capacitors for the analog filters are of high quality polypropylene type. The DAC is also using an ultra stable crystal clock oscillator with extremely low phase noise.

The analog and digital power supplies are completely separated and all signal and power routes have been galvanically separated to make sure no digital noise can reach into the analog amplifier section.


ASK, was the name of the first man in the Norse middle earth and also the name of this integrated amplifier. ASK, together with the first woman in the Norse world, EMBLA was created by ODEN, which is more or less the case for this integrated amplifier that we have designed using all the experience we made from our flagship integrated model ODEN.



Power Output

2x220 W @ 8 Ohm
2x400 W  @ 4 Ohm

Rated Distortion

Less than 0.01 %

Signal-To-Noise Ratio

More than 125 dB

Frequency Response

1 Hz to 100 kHz, +0/-3 dB

Input Terminal

1 Pair of True Balanced Inputs

3 Pair of Unbalanced Inputs

1 Pair of Loop Out

1 Pair of Pre Out

2 Pair of USB

1 Pair Phono MM/MC* optional

Output Terminal

2 Pairs of WBT Next Gen Loudspeaker Terminals

DAC (Optional)

2 Pair of USB type A

1 USB type B

Ethernet & WiFi

1 Pair of AES/EBU

2 Pair of Optical

2 Pair of SPDIF

Thd 0.0002%

Sn 134dB

Sampling frequency up to 32 bit @768kHz

Support for DSD to 1024

Streaming Capabilities