The ASK is the perfect partner to EMBLA. It's a unique power amplifier, for the first time Bladelius can now give you the possibility to get audiophile sound with "Green" thinking. We have included one 2-channel Class AB amplifier and one 2-channel analog Class D amplifier. The analog amplifier is based on the famous Bladelius Ymer power amplifier, which has got lots of excellent test reports from all over the world. The ASK plays music with the same energy and resolution; we have just made it a little bit smaller in size and power. High current capability, Jfet on the input stage, high speed / low distortion gain stage and 16 high speed super linear output devices, are just a few of the technical building bricks that we are using.
The class D amplifier is our way to make it possible to get great sound even when you are thinking of saving power. The Green Mode can be used when you have a situation where you want to save power and don't need to use the full potential of the amplifier. To make the amplifier even more "Green" we have also included two different standby modes. One mode for best sound directly when you turn on the amplifier and one that needs more "warm-up" time before it gets up to full performance and with a standby power consumptions down to 0.5 watts.