In Northern mythology Oden was the king of gods, the wisest, most powerful and creator of mankind by giving the gift of life to Ask and Embla. This Swedish made integrated amplifier represents all the experiences that we at Bladelius have accumulated throughout the years, with it´s twin gigantic toridol power transformers, it generates a whopping 400 Watts at 8 ohm. Although very powerful, it´s main objective is musicality and not power. And it truly lives up to the name of Oden by providing flawless speaker-driving capacity, symbolizing the uncompromised design and quality that only Bladelius can provide.

The path of positive and negative current flowing through the voice coil must be completely symmetrical to accurately drive the loudspeaker diaphragm. So naturally the symmetry was of a particular concern for this product, pursuing complete balance in amplifier circuit, power source circuit and structural aspects.

With the design philosophy simpler is better we reduced the voltage amplifier stage to one, for the shortest signal path possible. Oden provides, a truly balanced design without ground as reference for highest possible performance, a high-performance dc servo that works outside the signal path, the input stage is a pair of current loaded hand matched Jfet in a foldback cascade arrangement which gives a very linear performance regardless of the music level. This combined with current feedback gives you an extremely fast and stable performance.

To increase the purity of the power supply and achieve a more responsive and consistent audio reproduction, a large capacitor bank of over 200 000uF effortlessly help delivering dynamic and smooth sound with excellent transient response for which Oden was designed. True to Bladelius long-held design philosophy of “Simple is best”, the Oden reduce the number of components needed for the first stage down to a minimum so as to allow music signals to be amplified in their purest form and go through the circuit without losing even the subtlest information.

A pair of Jfet devices carefully hand selected by our specialist in the production line was incorporated into the amplifier’s input circuit, which improves the operational stability of amplification. As a result, every production unit of the Oden has identical performance characteristics, and the Oden delivers identical performance between the left and right channels. In addition, the new DC servo circuit stabilizes amplification, is resistant to changes in the operating temperature and magnitude of input signals and eliminates fluctuations in sound intensity. All this attention to detail ensures that these amplifiers produce a powerful, condensed sound with deep, rich bass, allowing the listener to have a truly immersive stereophonic experience.

The chassis is made out of milled non-magnetic materials for the lowest possible electromagnetic field for improved sound quality. Odens clean design represent both Bladelius philosophy of “simple is best” and the classic Scandinavian design.


Power Output

800 W @ 4 Ohm
400 W  @ 8 Ohm

Rated Distortion

Less than 0.01 %

Signal-To-Noise Ratio

More than 125 dB

Frequency Response

1 Hz to 100 kHz, +0/-3 dB

Input Terminal

2 Pair of Balanced

5 Pair of Unbalanced

1 Pair of Loop Out

1 Pair of Pre Out

1 Pair Phono MM/MC* optional

1 slot Module option


450mm (W) x 210 mm (H) x 550 mm (D)

Weight 60Kg