The brand new stereo amplifier, Ymer MK-II, is an offspring of the experience from the great Beowulf mono amplifiers. In this amplifier we see an enormous power supply that feeds an impressive array of output transistors with enough power to drive any speaker with out any effort. This renders a musical reproduction that is rare. It gives the ability to reproduce even the most demanding music in a way that the performer intended, with a clear presentation and all the dynamics preserved. The design is fully balanced. All vital signal components are hand selected and matched.  
The Ymer Mk.II is more dynamic, better resolution. At the same time more musical. 


Output 2x350W

Distortion less than 0.02%

Bandwith  Dc- 150Khz

Input impedance  20Kohm

Weight 56Kg

Dimensions 450x550x210mm