Saga mk2
This is the newest two channel preamp that supersedes its all previous preamps. Meticulously routed PCBs and minimal intrusion of components in the signal paths has resulted in an extremely transparent sound. The volume control utilizes the shortest possible signal paths. The design is fully balanced. All vital signal components are hand selected and matched. 

The software allows all inputs to be matched to the same level and all inputs can be named individually to read the correct name for each input. The double balanced outputs are ideal to drive the Beowulf, but it is also an ideal match with Ymer. The power supply is larger than one might find in many integrated or power amplifiers, but here it is used to drive a preamp!

Distortion    less than 0.01%

Bandwith Dc-200Khz

input impedance  20Kohm


3 pairs balanced

6 pairs unbalnced


2 pairs of balanced

2 pair unbalanced

1 tape out