Bladelius is proud to introduce the new updated version of Thor III. Two-channel music is the toughest test of an audio component. The ultimate combination of modern new design and time proven concepts, will deliver music and sound quality that you would expect from a Bladelius amplifier. As always it delivers power and current to control even the most demanding loudspeakers on the market. New times and new demand from the market has given us the opportunity to update and improve the amplifier Thor III. We will produce two versions of the model, one traditional and one that also will include a digital input/USB DAC and a Phono stage for MM/MC. 
 In order to improve the sound quality and achieve our goals for the amplifier, we spend a lot of time in reworking and updating almost all of the circuits in the amplifier. A new improved volume control circuit, which are less frequency dependent and more linear. All the signal stages have lower distortion in the high frequency range. The Power supply is improved for a more noise free current capability. Two standby modes, one for a normal standby were you are getting the normal pre-warming up for best sound quality and one for current saving (less that 0.5 watts). 
The DAC stage is a high performance board, based on the same circuits that are used in the award winning Freja III CD player. It has a recklocking function that is asynchronous with the USB information. The inputs are USB, Coaxial, Balanced and a high speed Toslink (192 kHz). The Riaa stage is a low noise Phono stage that can handle both MM and MC pickups.

The Analog version is called Thor III Traditional and the Digital version is called Thor III Novitas.

Output   2x175W

Frequency response  Dc-200Khz

input Impedance  20Kohm

Distortion less than 0.1%


inputs  analog

2 Balanced input

5  unbalnced input

1 tape out

1 preout


Digital inputs

1 Spdif

1 Toslink