Bladelius is proud to introduce the new Tyr III.

Two-channel music is the toughest test ia an audio component.The ultimate combination of modern new design and time proven concepts,will deliver music and sound quality that you would expect from a Bladelius amplifier.As always it delivers power and current to control even  the most demanding loudspeakers on the market.

The amplifier uses an ultra linear power amplifier, low amount of current feedback is possible due too ultra linear foldback cascade arrangement with voltage gain in a single stage.

New preamplifier section with improved linearity over previous model



2×125W 8 Ohm

Distortion < 0.05% 20-20KHz

Bandwidth dc-150Khz

Input impedance 20Kohm

Toroidal transformer 1100VA



1 balanced

4 unbalanced



1 tape out

1 preamp output


Optional digital input  board

balanced (AES/EBU)

spdif (rca)

optical (toslink)



Speaker terminals WBT

Weight 18 kg

Dimensions 440×445×100 mm (W×D×H)